TV Supply Allocation Product Feature

This is just one example of the many product features I lead through the user centered design process as a User Experience designer at Videology. TV Supply Allocation was a complex feature that allowed a campaign planner to set allocation goals against one or more attributes. This feature had many components to think about when designing including multiple personas, showing complex functionality intuitively, and delivering the project to the client within a tight timeframe. Once this feature was released it created competitive differentiation for Videology in the TV ad tech industry.

During the analysis phase I worked directly with the product manager, reviewing requirements and verifying all use cases were based on accurate user data. The design phase included storyboarding, sketching, and developing low fidelity wireframes. Using Adobe XD, I transitioned the wireframes into interactive prototypes in order to perform user testing. By performing user tests for this feature, I ensured that the design met the user’s goals and eliminated their pain points. After 5 iterations of the low fidelity wireframes I created high fidelity wireframes and design specification that outlined the interface’s flow, functionality, and style. This helped create an effortless handoff between myself and the development team.

Final High Fidelity Mock Up

Final Wireframe Prototype

Wireframe Prototype V4

Wireframe Prototype V3

Wireframe Prototype V2

Wireframe Prototype V1

Initial Sketch

Methods: Sketching, scenarios of use, competitive analysis, storyboarding, wireframing, paper prototyping, rapid prototyping, interactive prototyping, parallel design, user-based testing, high fidelity wireframes, quality assurance testing, design specification documents