Structured Systems Analysis & Design

HCC: 636 Structured Systems Analysis and Design was a class I took for my MS in Human Centered Computing. This course focused on advanced structures system development with an emphasis in the development of information systems. I was the team lead for the the semester project which involved analyzing a current informations system and improving upon it. The system my team choose was for The Center for Women in Technology department at UMBC.

This project allowed me to build the necessary background to tackle systems analysis and design problems encountered in the real world. I was able to design use scenarios, interface structure diagrams, interface standards, prototypes, physical process models, and physical data models.

I was also able to develop my leadership skills as a project manager by: verifying requirements, organizing meeting times, setting deadlines for deliverables, acting as a mediator when conflicts occurred, and making sure all components of the project were completed fully and on time.

See the full project details in the final class deliverable here