• I ensure users are involved in the product life-cycle in order to deliver features that are intuitive and advantageous.
  • I am experienced in collaborating with cross functional teams, finding creative solutions to difficult problems, and personally driving projects from analysis to completion.
  • I thrive in a fast paced environment that encourages innovation and positivity.
I'm also a cool person outside of work: Learn a little more about me here.


“Product design is about the entire process of creating usable products and experiences. Starting by defining real people’s problems and thinking about possible solutions. That will eventually lead to the best design.” - Jessica Lascar

I believe in a user centered design process that involves users early and often. Being able to empathize with someone helps create products that directly reflects their needs. My specialities lie in the analysis and design phases, where I am able to actively interact with users. Using research and iteration I turn complex ideas into intuitive interfaces.


Analysis: Discovery sessions, sketching, scenarios of use, persona development, competitive analysis

Design: Storyboarding, wireframing, paper prototyping, rapid prototyping, interactive prototyping, parallel design, user-based testing, high fidelity wireframes, iteration

Implementation: Style guide creation, quality assurance testing, design specification documents


I've had the pleasure of working on awesome projects both in my professional career and in my higher education. Check em out!